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Institute of Medical Information Management

Storage, Processing, and Exchange of Medical Information That Preserves Meaning


Modern healthcare is characterized by an increasing digitization, which is generating ever-larger volumes of data among the various healthcare providers. This data must be stored, processed, and exchanged between healthcare providers in such a way that its meaning remains comprehensible, i.e., it represents information for the user. A key challenge here is to make the meaning of the data “comprehensible” not only to human users, but also to computer-based application systems and thus enable its automatic processing.

Application Area

The institute’s mission is to contribute to the improvement of documentation, communication and retrieval of medical information through its research and teaching activities. A central role is played by the processing of patient-centered, cross-institutional documentation.

Research Focus

The institute’s research focuses on the standardization of electronic health records, the retrieval and reuse of medical information, as well as visual data analysis and image processing in medicine.

Further Information

The institute was founded in 2010 in the course of the merger of the Institutes for Medical Information and Retrieval Systems and Medical Image Processing, which were founded in 2002.