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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Martin Posch


Technology transforms medicine into data science. We are working on a future in which each person is treated in full consideration of their individual characteristics, environment and needs. Our research creates knowledge from data, leading to healthier individuals and a resilient society.

The Center for Medical Data Science combines cutting-edge methodological know-how from a range of quantitative domains to foster data-driven medical research. It provides a platform for research, collaboration and education in medical data science at the Medical University of Vienna.

We strive toward advancing algorithms and quantitative methods in statistics, mathematics, computer science and related fields to develop advanced experimental design and analysis methods of data in biology and medicine, including clinical and molecular data, and applying them to concrete research questions in cooperation with biologists and clinicians at the Medical University of Vienna, as well as with national and international cooperation partners.

13. February 2024

Two-Year Position for a Postdoctoral Fellow in Biostatistics at the Medical University of Vienna

We seek a postdoctoral fellow with a background in (bio-)statistics/mathematics/data science etc. The position is integrated in the TopstatsM project…
13. February 2024

Job Opening: Research Assistant in Scientific Projects

The Institute of Clinical Biometrics of the Medical University of Vienna (Center for Medical Data Science) has a job opening for a research assistant…
19. December 2023

Fully Funded PhD Position in the European SHARE-CTD Doctoral Network in Medical Data Science

We seek a PhD Student with a background in statistics/mathematics/data science etc. with an interest in the development of statistical methods for…