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Institute of the Science of Complex Systems

Quantitative Complex Systems Research – Big Data and Network Analysis


The Institute of the Science of Complex Systems conducts quantitative complex systems research. The objective of the institute is to make sense of Big Data in ways that are immediately valuable for medicine, science, and society.


The scientists at the Institute of the Science of Complex Systems conduct research in the field of complex adaptive systems, with applications in the life science, computational social sciences, and the mathematics and foundations of complex systems. The Institute offers cooperations in the field of ​​big data analytics and network analysis.The focus is on

  • Healthcare data reuse
  • Personalised medicine
  • Network medicine

Research Groups

The teams at the Institute of the Science of Complex Systems focus on the following research topics:

  • Complex living matter (Group leader: Stefan Thurner)
  • Network medicine (Group leader: Peter Klimek)
  • Complex social systems (Group leader: Stefan Thurner)
  • Foundations of complex systems (Group leader: Stefan Thurner)


The courses Complex Systems 1 & 2 are part of our PhD program in Medical Informatics, Biostatistics and Complex Systems. This 2-semester course focuses on the foundations and applications of complex systems. As part of the diploma and doctoral seminar, students have the opportunity to present their research work in a constructive atmosphere within a broader scientific environment at the Complexity Science Hub Vienna. Due to the multidisciplinarity, we can always welcome students from other universities for their master’s or PhD degrees at the institute.

Further Information

The institute was established in 2009 at the Medical University of Vienna, making it the first academic unit in Austria to scientifically approach the issue of complex systems. In 2015, MedUni became a founding member of the Complexity Science Hub Vienna, CSH, that conducts complexity research at an inter-university level. Many members of the Institute of the Science of Complex Systems are actively involved in research projects at CSH.