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Institute of Clinical Biometrics

Research Focus Areas

Variable Selection and Shrinkage

The selection of variables and functional forms are central topics in statistical model building for medical data. We investigate consequences of data-driven model selection and corrections for overfit induced by model selection.

Survival Analysis

Many medical research questions are located around the analysis of survival times, which are typically only partially observable. These research questions also stimulate our own methodological research.

Software Development

We provide freely available software that implements our methodological developments for application in routine data analysis projects. We also develop applications to support study design and education in biostatistics.

Biometrical Methods

Our biometrical consulting group supports clinical research at the Medical University. We provide weekly slots to discuss any biostatistical aspects of study design, protocol development and data analysis. We have many project-based collaborations and long-term partnerships with research groups of the clinical departments of our university.