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Institute of Clinical Biometrics

Special Projects

STRATOS – in this international initiative methods for the analysis of observational data are investigated, critically appraised and recommended. Members from our team: Georg Heinze, Daniela Dunkler, Michael Kammer, Christine Wallisch (past member)

SAMBA – in this bilateral research project jointly funded by FWF and DFG methods for multivariable modeling of cardiological data are investigated. Principal investigator: Daniela Dunkler

RIPOSTE-BD – this research project funded by FWF has the aim to develop methods to facilitate long-term predictions from short-term observations. Principal investigator: Daniela Dunkler

CAS – we develop a new cardiac allocation score to prioritise heart transplant recipients. Principal investigator: Georg Heinze

COVID-PRECISE – with a ‘living systematic review’ models for prediction and diagnosis of COVID-19 are collected and evaluated by an international consortium of experts in prognosis research. Members from our team: Georg Heinze, Michael Kammer, Christine Wallisch (past member), Maria Haller (past member)