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Institute of Artificial Intelligence

Researchers at the AI Institute routinely provide consulting and support in the following areas:

Image by Alan Warburton / © BBC / Better Images of AI / Nature / CC-BY 4.0
  1. Project design: We are experienced in the development of data-heavy research projects including large-scale consortium projects at the European and national level. Moreover, we provide support for the planning of pilot projects for artificial intelligence at the Medical University of Vienna.
  2. Evaluation:  We routinely review research grants and academic papers, and occasionally contribute our expertise to the evaluation of startup companies, business plans, and investments in the field of artificial intelligence / machine learning in medicine and biomedical research.
  3. Data analysis: We have ample experience in applied data analytics using start-of-the-art artificial intelligence / machine learning as well as more classical statistics and bioinformatics methodology. While we usually do not have the bandwidth to take over entire data analyses, we can often provide relevant advice.

If you want to get in touch, please contact either the person with the best thematic or our institutional email (, if possible providing a brief outline of your request.